The instructors really go above and beyond to ensure that we have great fundamental grasp of the material. I feel confident about the real world application of everything we learned.
~ Brant G.

I learned much more than anticipated. I feel much more confident with my abilities in the Fire/Rescue field. I truly feel I made the right choice by choosing Rapid EMT.
~ Matt C.

The instructors are very helpful and I learned a large amount of information in a short period of time. It is nice learning from actual Medics and Firefighters.
~ Alex M.

As an aspiring medical student, this course was a great introduction to emergency medicine.
~ Marcus K.

This course will change my skillset and knowledge for life. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made and appreciate all the help from everyone at Rapid.
~ Andrew P.

This was an amazing course and I loved all my instructors. I feel totally prepared to enter the EMS field.
~ Becca A.

I feel I am completely prepared for the emergency medicine world! I am so thankful for each instructor and their patience with us.
~ McKenzie R.

This program was well structured. I feel that I am prepared for the national test and for the real world. The instructors were extremely helpful.
~ Ronald B.

I have learned and gained a better understanding through this course. This course was a lot of fun and gave me good skills and experience that I will use in my future profession.
~ Blake B.

Rapid EMT provided me with the environment to learn and become proficient at new skills. I would highly recommend this program to anyone.
~ Alexandra J.

I felt the instructors challenged you to be your best and truly wanted you to succeed at testing. I appreciate all of their help.
~ Gretchen L.

This was a great class. I would highly recommend it for students pursuing a higher field in medicine.
~ Jordan T.

The instructors were very helpful and educated to where I trusted everything they said and took it to heart.
~ Cody S.

I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring EMT.
~ Upagya K.

It makes me feel honored and proud I went to Priority emergency training.. They go over and beyond than any other program.
~ Heather B.

Thank You Rapid EMT for providing such a wonderful EMT-B course and for hiring phenomenal instructors. I could not have done this without you all!
~ Katie W.

Out of everyone I have talked to this is the only program that gets hands-on and teaches you through real life situations.
~ Brandon J.

This class prepares students for real life scenarios so you are ready your first day in the field.
~ Ryan A.

I am very grateful to have found this program. The instructors really want to see you succeed.
~ Danielle C.

I would highly recommend this facility for EMT instruction. The instructors are experienced and educated in the EMS field.
~ Patti C.

I loved the way the instructors interacted with the students on a personal level and went above and beyond to help us learn.
~ Julie S.

We were constantly hit with scenarios I ran across in clinicals. It was truly a pleasure to learn from these folks.
~ Jamar K.

The instructors truly care about the success of every student. They are all very knowledgeable.
~ Jeff K. 

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