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We are Priority Emergency Training Services

Our program is dedicated to preparing our students for a career in the medical field as an EMT. Becoming an EMT is the first step and entry level to become a pre-hospital emergency medical provider. They also work side by side with paramedics, nurses, physicians and many other agencies such as police departments, fire departments and clinics.

A multitude of opportunities are available whether you live in a major city or rural town. EMT’s work in various settings from an ambulance to an ER and everywhere in between such as sporting events, special events, schools and industrial settings.

Here at Priority Emergency Training Services, we offer Emergency Medical Technician certification in cooperation with the state of Texas. Our program will prepare the student with all the skills required to perform as a functioning health care provider and first responder and will prepare you for the State and National Registry exams. Our staff are highly dedicated to providing our students with some of the best instruction the industry has to offer. All of our instructors currently work in the field as career paramedics, flight paramedics, Nurses and ER physicians for some of the busiest and most respected agencies in the state.

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